With Sensorflare you can set devices to switch on and off at specific times during the day using Schedules.

Schedules can be one-off commands that will be executed in a specific time in the future (i.e., Switch On the Water Heater at 17:00 today) or periodic commands that are executed every day or every week (i.e., switch off the Office Lights on weekdays at 21:00).

How to setup these schedules? First you need to log in your account and visit a Dashboard with one or more Controls. On the side of the Control's name you will find a button that show a calendar. Click on it to open the Schedules interface. There you can add both schedules and review the schedules running for this specific Control.

To add an one-off schedule just select On or Off from the toggle switch and the time when the control needs to be switched.

To add periodic schedules you need to also select the day or days of the week this schedule should run. So on the periodic schedules form just select the target status, time of day to run and the days of the week and just hit add.

Added Schedules appear on the bottom of the page and to remove them just click the "Remove" button.

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