Creating Resources For X10 Devices

Have you connected you Mochad X10 server with Sensorflare? Hurrah!

The next step? Setup some devices and forget the ugly and old fashioned X10 device-ids.

Visit the Sensorflare Mochad terminal and click the "+" button to setup a new resource.

Give your device a name and a type so you and your family can easily identify it.
Also set the command you use to control it without the status (e.g., 'pl a1' if you turn it on using 'pl a1 on') and click Create.

Once the resource is created you will be redirected to the Sensorflare Mochad terminal but now the Resources you just created will be available below the console. Now you can add the resources you created to a Dashboard and start using them with the Intelligence Sensorflare offers. 

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